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Students of Concern & Crisis Prevention Plan

The Students of Concern reporting system is not new; it has been in existence formally for some time. However, we now have created an online reporting system to streamline these actions, enabling the University to better and more rapidly address incidents and those students involved. Members of the Students of Concern Committee are responsible for reviewing submissions and deciding courses of action to be taken.

While interacting with students across the University, staff may be confronted with situations in which a student displays concerning behaviors or comments, is disruptive to the campus environment or creates an environment that may be intimidating or threatening to others. By providing information and assistance, the Students of Concern and Crisis Prevention Plan are designed to assist faculty, staff and administration in responding to these behaviors.

The Students of Concern and Crisis Prevention Plan were developed around implementation of a Students of Concern and Crisis Prevention Team (SCC). The overall goal of the SCC is to promote a safe environment for all students and staff focused on student learning and student development.

The Students of Concern and Crisis Prevention Plan was developed in accordance with the College and University Students of Concern Committee (CUBIT) model that was introduced by the National Center for Higher Education Risk Management in response to the Governor's Panel Report on the Virginia Tech shootings and the Assessment-Intervention of Student Problems (AISP) model introduced by Ursula Delworth. Overall, the Students of Concern and Crisis Prevention Plan seek to formalize the University's processes for greater communication, collaboration and coordination in responding to concerns regarding student behavior.


    SCC Team


    The Students of Concern and Crisis Prevention Team (SCC) is a team that meets regularly to serve six major functions for the University:

    1. Provide staff training to recognize concerning, disruptive and/or threatening behavior.
    2. Provide consultation and support to faculty, staff and administration in assisting students who display concerning or disruptive behaviors.
    3. Gather information to assess situations involving students who display concerning or disruptive behaviors including implementation of a formal Students of Concern process.
    4. Recommend appropriate intervention strategies or disciplinary sanctions.
    5. Connect students with needed campus and community resources.
    6. Monitor ongoing behavior of students who have displayed disruptive or concerning behavior.

    Team Membership

    The SCC is composed of representatives from the University community and includes:

    • Dean of Students, Associate Dean of Students, Director of Public Safety, Director of Residence Life, Personal Counseling representative and College or School representative.
    • Additional members from the University community are included in meetings of the SCC as necessary.


    The SCC meets regularly to discuss topics related to student behavior and intervention and crisis prevention. These discussions include information such as trends in student behavior, best practices in intervention and available resources. Additional meetings are held to assess, intervene and monitor student concerns brought to the attention of the SCC.

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