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Class Placement

SAT and/or ACT scores along with placement exam results will be used by academic advisors to help place new freshmen in appropriate level English, math, chemistry, and foreign language classes.   

Placement exams for English, math, and foreign language are available online and need to be taken at least seven days before attending SOAR.  The chemistry placement exam will be taken on campus during orientation.  Additional information for each subject area can be found below.



    In order to complete the English placement process, you will read five articles on a shared topic; write a 3-page (roughly 750 word) synthesis and response essay about three of those articles; and complete a short self-assessment exercise that asks you to think about your experiences reading and writing in the past and how you see yourself as a writer.

    All placement essays and self-assessments are read by two or more English professors who are looking for evidence of strong reasoning and critical thinking abilities as well as solid grammar, punctuation, and other mechanical skills.

    Placement essays and self-assessment exercises are to be uploaded to Blackboard (instructions below) at least seven days before your SOAR session.  Students who do not complete the English placement essay and self-assessment exercise will be placed in ENL 1300: College Writing.



    Your SAT and/or ACT math subscores will be used to place you into the math class appropriate for your skill level and major. Below you’ll see a chart of SAT/ACT subscores and the corresponding math class placement.

    If you believe your test scores do not accurately reflect your math ability, you may choose to take the math placement exam.  If your intended major is Mathematics or Engineering, it is recommended that you take the placement exam.

    To prepare for the placement exam review your high school math particularly algebra and graphs.  Students hoping to place into calculus should also review trigonometry.  For additional review check out or

    Standardized Test Score

    Detroit Mercy Math Class Placement

    ACT MATH: 16 or less
    SAT MATH: 430 or less
    UAS 0800
    ACT MATH: 17-19
    SAT MATH: 440-500
    UAS 0950
    ACT MATH: 20-23
    SAT MATH: 510-570
    MTH 1020/1030/1040 or MTH 1010
    ACT MATH: 24-26
    SAT MATH: 580-620
    MTH 1400 or MTH 1110
    ACT MATH: 27+
    SAT MATH: 640+
    MTH 1410


    The chemistry placement exam is administered on campus during orientation only.  The test is not available online.  Students majoring in one of the following programs are required to take the chemistry placement exam:

    • Biochemistry
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Computer Science
    • Engineering
    • Pre-Dental
    • Pre-Medical
    • Pre-Physician Assistant
    • 5-Year Physician Assistant
    • 7-Year Dental

    Depending on educational goals, students majoring in mathematics may also need to take the chemistry placement exam.

    Detroit Mercy administers the 2010 Toledo Chemistry Placement Exam (TCPE). The TCPE is written by the American Chemical Society and evaluates a student's general math and algebra skills, as well as overall knowledge of chemistry. It is designed and used to evaluate how well a student is prepared for freshman chemistry courses taught at Detroit Mercy. Results will be used to ensure that the student's background in chemistry and math is adequate for success.  Reviewing high school chemistry and study guides for the Toledo Chemistry Placement exam may help improve placement.

    The chemistry exam consists of 60 math and chemistry questions. Part 1 is 20 math-based questions, Part 2 is 20 general chemistry questions and Part 3 is 20 specific chemistry questions. The math questions cover math skills up to and including college-level algebra. The chemistry questions cover topics including measurements, unit conversions, classifications of matter (elements, isotopes, ions, compounds) and change (chemical/physical), trends of the periodic table, ionic and covalent bonding, moles, writing/balancing chemical formulas/equations, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, oxidation/reduction, states of matter, pressure/volume/temperature relationships (gas laws), quantum theory, solubility and solutions, equilibria, acids and bases, kinetics and thermodynamics.

    Students will have 55 minutes to complete the test. A scientific calculator may be used, but students are responsible for bringing one.  Scrap paper, pencil and a Periodic Table of the Elements will be provided.

    The following types of calculators are not permitted:

    • Pocket organizers, handheld or laptop computers, or cell phones
    • Electronic writing pads or pen-input devices
    • Models with a QWERTY (typewriter) keypad.
    • Models with built-in capability to simplify algebraic expressions, multiply polynomials, or factor polynomials (often called Computer Algebra Systems), for example, CFX-9970G, TI-89, and TI-92

    Foreign Language

    Online placement exams are available for Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Russian and Spanish.  The exams are multiple choice and/or fill-in-the-blank and take approximately one hour.  Students who wish to earn credit in or to take a placement exam in a language other than those mentioned above should contact the Language Cultural Training Department at 313-993-1102.


    Placement Exam Instructions

    Placement exams in English, math, and foreign language are online and must be completed at least seven days prior to attending SOAR.  You can take placement exams as soon as you submit your enrollment deposit.  The exams are administered through Blackboard, Detroit Mercy’s course management software.  You can access Blackboard at  Your TitanConnect username and password will be needed to login and were part of an earlier email.  

    Note: You will have access to login to Blackboard 48 hours after submitting your enrollment deposit.  

     A Blackboard video tutorial is available.


    Special Testing Accommodations

    If you require special testing accommodations please contact the Director of Disability Services at least one week prior to your SOAR session:

    Emilie Wetherington
    Director of Disability Support Services
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